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  The Institute aims to assist the Bar, the Supreme Court of Canada, and the public with its Advocacy Program.
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Institute co-founders Owen Rees and Grégoire Webber are awarded Meritorious Service Medals by the Governor General of Canada in a ceremony at Rideau Hall in December 2015.

  The Institute is composed of a National Advisory Committee and Regional Committees. The Executive Directors run the day-to-day operations of the Institute.  
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The following is some of the feedback that counsel have provided following an advocacy session with the Institute:

“[The Institute] was one of the highlights of professionalism that I have encountered throughout my practice.” 

“Our advocacy on behalf of our client was improved to the benefit of both the Court and our client.”

“The opportunity to practice our pleadings before experienced counsel who have an intimate knowledge of the Supreme Court was invaluable.”

I found the exercise extremely useful and would recommend it to anyone going to the Supreme Court.”

The process of the mock hearing as well as the many very useful and helpful comments allowed me to focus in on my argument.”


In December 2015, the CBA National Magazine published a story on the Meritorious Service Decorations received by Owen Rees and Grégoire Webber. Click here to read the story.

In March 2014, Paul McCulloch and Danielle Meuleman published an article with the OBA commenting on their experience with the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute. Click here to read the article.

In August 2010, Executive Director Grégoire Webber was interviewed by McGill's Faculty of Law inFocus magazine on the Institute's activities. Click here to read the story.

In October 2009, Julius Melnitzer of the Law Times reviewed the work of the Institute in his article "Appeals a 'very hot' legal topic". Click here to read the article

In August 2009, the Institute co-hosted a Continuing Legal Education session on first-time advocacy in the Supreme Court of Canada at the Canadian Bar Association's Canadian Legal Conference in Dublin, Ireland. Click here for more information from the Lawyers' Weekly August 2009 edition.

In December 2008, the Canadian Bar Association's The National magazine showcased the Institute in "Supreme Guidance". Click here to read the article.

In June 2008, Globe and Mail Justice Reporter Kirk Makin featured the Institute in “Preparing to face the Supreme Court like a pro”.  Click here to read the article.

The Journal du Barreau featured the Institute in its April 2008 issue.  Click here to read the article.

Kirk Makin, Justice Reporter with the Globe and Mail, published an article in February 2006 on the Institute and its programmes.  Click here to link to the Globe and Mail story webpage.

The Canadian Bar Association The National magazine marked the official launch of the Institute. Click here to view the article and here to view photo of the reception at the Supreme Court of Canada.


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