Welcome to The

Supreme Court Advocacy Institute

The Institute’s mission is to contribute to the public, the legal profession, and the Supreme Court of Canada by increasing the effectiveness and quality of advocacy before the Court.

The principal activity of the Institute is to provide free, non-partisan advocacy advice to a party’s lawyer who is scheduled to appear in an appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada.The Institute is a registered charity and is intended as a public service.

The Supreme Court Advocacy Institute is independent and non-partisan. It is not a program of the Supreme Court of Canada, and is not associated with the Court, its Justices, or its administration.


The Right Honourable Richard Wagner, P.C., Chief Justice of Canada

“The cases we hear before the Supreme Court matter on a national scale. The issues are complex and the nuances are not always obvious, even to the most experienced jurists. As judges, we rely on counsel for clear and cogent explanations of the issues affecting their clients so we can do our jobs well. The Supreme Court Advocacy Institute’s assistance to counsel, whether they are appearing before the Court for the first or the fifteenth time, is a great service to the Court, and to justice.”